Pimmento + The Shoebox Project


What an incredible 2015 holiday season thanks to you, our Santa’s Helpers, The NYC Shoebox Project and your incredibly generous donation of shoeboxes filled with toiletries and gifts for our women. Your shoeboxes reached all of our clients at our women’s only site and we still had ample boxes to share with deserving mothers at other sites. Our women benefit from feeling a connection to a community and for the moms it allows for the holidays to be about them as well, instead of just their children.
Cathy de Silva
Vice President, Development Win NYC

In 2015 Pimmento co-founders, Verunka Vlkova-Fierro and Jacob Fierro became the NYC coordinators for The Shoebox Project. It was the first year The Shoebox Project was introduced to NYC. The Shoebox Project was founded in Canada in 2011 by four sisters-in-law-Caroline Mulroney Lapham and Jessica, Vanessa and Katy Mulroney, 2015. The Shoebox Project donates decorated shoeboxes of $50.00 worth of luxury items with a personal letter to women-in-need. In 2015, 24,500 Shoeboxes were donated in the USA and Canada!


Pimmento + NYC Shoebox Project teamed up with Bareburger to place collection boxes in all of their 21 locations in NYC. With the help of all the volunteers, Bareburger, Thai Elephant in Astoria, Broadway Silk Store in Astoria (donated materials for boxes), Astoria Bank, Innovation Department, Cinematique, WellPath, Wine Awesomeness and everybody who donated - almost 300 shoeboxes were delivered to the women’s shelters at Win NYC! Not too bad for the first year!

Helping women feel remembered

2015 Highlights

Teaming up with Bareburger
Mike Smalley, Bareburger manager helped us connect with Bareburger to make sure that The Shoebox Project had location boxes in all 21 NYC locations. (Thank you.) Couldn’t have done it without the genuine help and heart of Bareburger and all it’s employees.
Company Shoebox Parties
Some wonderful companies such as Innovation Department, Cinematique, WellPath & Wine Awesomeness came together to have Shoebox Holiday Parties! Here, Isabelle and Alex are writing personal letters to the women-in-need. Each will end up in a shoebox.
Volunteer Parties
There were a few volunteer parties throughout the drive. We were amazed how many people came together to complete one goal. Make sure the women-in-need feel remembered. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the genuine love and warmth we received.

2016: Get Involved!

The NYC Holiday Shoebox Drive will be starting again in October 2016. There are many ways to get involved:

Contact to get involved. Thank you!!