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Introducing Experiments and Groups

A Pimmento Trial is a quick way to test something for yourself. New product? Do a week long trial and be sure that it’s for you. But wait, you can organize group trials with your friends. On Pimmento, you can organize groups from all over the world to try a product or activity together. Share, learn and support: it’s more fun with friends!

It’s your skin. Learn to listen to it.

The Pimmento toolbox is designed to help you learn what your skin likes quickly and easily. Track your products, medication, treatments, foods or anything you want that affects your skin. We’ve spent 10 long years developing a way to understand our own skin and now that power is yours.

Keep your stash organized.

All this learning is great, but you want to keep it organized. Pimmento lets you quickly see your entire history of trials, products and trackers at a glance.

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Can't Wait?

The Pimmento Platform is launching soon! But if you want to get started tracking your skin and seeing changes now, you can download our stand-alone iOS skin tracking app.

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Today was a rough one! My boyfriend pointed out pimple I was trying to hide! Still, the charcoal mask I've been using has helped a lot recently. Over the past few days I've noticed that...

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Hydrating Face Cream